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April 28th, 2009 4 comments

I’ve spend a few days working on a simple little game recently, based on Tic-Tac-Toe. It doesn’t have Crysis graphics, it doesn’t have 35 weeks of continous gameplay, it doesn’t use DirectX11, it’s a simple game.

I made a blog post a while ago about starting back from the beginning with some very simple 2D games before I do anything more entertaining to other people.

It looks like this (It’s huge, I don’t know why I made the game big):

And it has a fancy configuration panel I made as well:

Technical details:
-Game written in C++.
-Settings window made in Visual Basic.
-data.bin is just a zip file, music.bin is an OGG music file renamed, config.bin is a text file renamed, just leave them, it looks cool.
-I spend several days getting the game to load from zip files, ugh.
-The libraries used in the game are:
-*SDL (Graphic handling)
-*SDL_Image (for… who knows)
-*SDL_Mixer (for music)
-*SDL_ttf (Font handling)
-*PhysFS (Loading from ZIP files)
-Visual basic loads settings from the file it saves, or sets default settings if the file doesn’t exist. The game then loads these settings line by line.


Johan, why do you make us bother having to install it first?
Because, grasshopper, a battalion of Dynamic Link Libraries needs to be unleashed in your Windows directory for the game to work, and it’s just easier this way.

Do not use the shortcut, instead open the directory you installed the game. Sorry, I broke the shortcut somehow.

-Possible crash when top-left square is left empty for AI to use when all other squares are filled.
-AI doesn’t necessarily fill a gap to stop the player from winning.

-Put difficulty on hard and make naughts (computer) start first. If you can beat it, well done (it’s not that hard).

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Leadership Camp

April 25th, 2009 No comments

I’ve just returned from a 4 day camp, 5 hours away from home at Emu Gully, under the name of “leadership camp”, though “survival camp” would be a little more suitable. I’m not sure what to write about it considering I’m still tired from it so I might edit the post later.

Anyway, we arrived and we’re greeted by what seemed like a rather empty patch of land. It had a few sheds here and there, but not enough for anyone to sleep in. We slept in swags. It was all good and fun until I found out the bottom area would be completely soaked at night and being submerged in my sleeping bag at night the temperature gets a little unbearable. We did a few things, including dune buggy racing, motorboat rugby, a 2.5 kilometer hike in a snake infested forest and climbed some huge mountain (which even got me a medal, yay!).

The dune buggies and motorboats were probably my favourite, though it got rather uncomfortable being the passenger at times, as I swapped around with my partner at the time who then almost immediately rammed the instructor into the water and barely stopped the buggy from rolling over.

It was all quite fun, I was using my overpowered torch of doom to light up everything in a 500 meter radius trying not to blind half the group and made some kickass campfires at night, suffered horribly on the last day from some badly cooked meat, but lived. Like I said, I’m summing things up too quickly here to really make it sound interesting because I’m still exhausted, so I might go over it again later. Unfortunately there’s no pictures as no technology was allowed :(.

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Simple Directmedia Layer

April 14th, 2009 No comments

SDL. What? Simple Directmedia Layer.

What is it? It’s yet another one of those game development libraries I’m trying. I’ve tried Ogre, Irrlicht, 3DGameStudio, DarkBasic.. What’s in common with all of these? They’re pretty much build for 3D applications. SDL on the other hand is for 2D games. “2D games are easy”. Put Game-Maker, Construct or any other drag-and-drop designer anyway. I’ve used them myself, they’re a great start and have self-programmable areas, but face it, you’re still creating a relatively pre-made game. The full 3D sets on the other hand, are quite simply, complex. So why’s SDL different? It’s 2D, it’s as simple as it gets (as far as I know), and all content is programmed by the developer(s). “Sigh, yet another engine..”. I’ve gone over some of my options so far, but what I really found interesting was this article:

The trick about this article is, it’s not just a quick guide on game design. It doesn’t just explain the whole form of development and why I can’t make the next Crysis. The trick about the article is, it actually sets you off. It’s not about information you already know, it’s about the very fine guidelines it has, though none of the words will show this. You’ll have to read the entire article to understand, and maybe even have a passion in development yourself.

So what does that mean? No Terramortis? No fancy parallax mapped 3D environments? No, or in a more optimistic term, not yet. I figured this is probably the best path. I know the basics, I now know the feel of complex 3D rendering engines and their programming subsystems, and am actually going to start from the very beginning. You’d think you’d already know most of it, but once you actually go into it, you really realize you don’t.

So, who’s up for some of my home-made Tetris some time in the future?