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Getting there…

July 12th, 2009 No comments

30 Gigahertz - 200x multiplier
Told you I was gonna try to reach 5Ghz.

Glitches aside, I’m quite enjoying it so far.

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It’s my birthday!

July 11th, 2009 No comments

Yay, I’m 16!

What did I get?
-The ability to now suffer from fatal car crashes due to legal driving age
-A free phone that just coincidentally happened to appear on the time of my birthday, not a present
-A new computer

Here’s a little pile of things, excluding the laptop.
Pile of Items

Surprisingly, the free phone, a Nokia N95 for opting in to a survey team, is faster and better in some ways than my LG Renoir touch phone. I don’t know which one to use as my main, carrying two around is a little unpractical, but my old one’s still better in most ways I’d use a phone anyway.

Nokia N95

Nokia N95

Oh and yeah, a new computer. Specifically:

Core i7

Core i7

-Intel Core i7 920



-OCZ 60GB High Speed SSD

Kingston DDR3

Kingston DDR3

-6GB Kingston DDR3 1600Mhz Memory

Aw yeah.



And I also got a kickass case.

I didn’t get a graphics card because honestly a GTX 200 series isn’t that much of an improvement over a 8800GTS 640 when I’m going from maybe 5fps on max in the ultra newest games and then going to 15fps, so I’m waiting for a DirectX 11 card.

I also got a rather humorous little drive-away-unfairly-fast-alarm clock and a $30 movie card I’ll probably spend not too far in the future!

I’m yet to see about that stock speed for the processor :)!

Here’s a few more pictures (including some posted here):[01].JPG[01].JPG[01].JPG[01].JPG[02].JPG[01].JPG[02].JPG[02].JPG[03].JPG

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Blue screens, yay and nay.

July 7th, 2009 No comments

I’ve recently gotten a bit into the more raw process of programming with nothing but just C++ and DirectX involved. It’s quite educational to learn more about how it all works instead of just letting a modern engine doing it all for me. So far I’ve managed to create a triangle and a blue strobing screen. I found it quite interesting to create a bluescreen, it just reminded me of the raw basis of a 3D application for some reason. It also reminded me of the beloved bluescreens Windows let us know about. I haven’t actually had any since only recently with Windows 7 with ‘Stalker’ installed again.