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Back into iPhone Programming.. GoVia update soon

June 27th, 2010 3 comments

I’ve decided to update the GoVia app after a long time of absence. It is a simple app and doesn’t require a lot of management. I can’t add a lot of features such as direct money transfers due to Translink’s current policy but I will be upgrading the interface to use a similar sort of system that the ‘My Go Card’ app used.

The reason I can distribute the GoVia app while not the Go Card app is because GoVia is managed by a different department of Translink. The Go Card app may or may not be re-released if Translink decides to change their terms again.

On other news, I’m working on a new game, this time hopefully not as glitchy as the Zombie Survival game released a few weeks ago. This one’s sidescroller based and has physics as a main element of gameplay, while not being a rip-off from other games such as Angry Birds (there’s like 10 clones of that now?).

New app?

June 7th, 2010 No comments

Ever since Translink has asked me to take down my Go Card app (and ironically at the same time when I was beginning to earn a drastically increasing amount of profit from it) I haven’t done much with apps, other than create a reasonably fun zombie game. I’ve noticed my Go Via app still sells about 5-10 units a week, and I might release an update for it if I can think of anything people might like. As for a new app, I really need to get some ideas together.

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