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Update for Balloon Pop Soon

October 21st, 2010 No comments

As I happily sit back and watch people slowly fill up the highscore list I can’t help but play it myself and notice a few more problems I might fix. I’ve already posted a developer announcement through the app, but I’ll list the changes I’ll make here. Keep in mind Apple may take up to a week to review the update, so I can’t say when it’ll be available for download:

– fix a case where lives are lost when too many balloons are on screen.
– points are appropriately given now depending on the colour of the balloon.
– the ‘Split’ game mode will now have a limit of 3 fingers. This will prevent a known crash and make it easier for others to achieve a high score.
– the timer in the ‘Split’ and ‘Push’ game modes will not start until the first tap.
– the ‘Push’ mode’s push will give a bigger push to balloons to make it easier.
– A possible text error within OpenFeint will be fixed.
– a multiplayer or challenge system might be added, otherwise I’ll probably add something like that in a future update.
– The ‘Shoot’ game mode will have more frequent helium balloons to reach higher altitudes.

Ofcourse if anyone else has any idea, feedback is welcome.

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Balloon Pop!

October 19th, 2010 No comments

Finally, after quite some time, my new app is live. It’s unfortunate quite a few people got a similar idea as me as there’s a few apps like it, but it seems my time put into it paid off, as it has the most features.

This is a bit of an experiment since I’m posting from some newish WordPress app on my phone and I don’t seem to be able to add pictures, so I’ll do that later at home.

Feel free to read my 5-minute attempt at a support site which has a few screenshots on the app and some decent information:

The app is a dollar, not to sound like a money hungry developer, but where else do I get my university funds from? A job? Yeah right.

Oh I can post pictures! Well I tried to take a picture while in the game but I failed quite miserably and lost before the screenshot snapped. Oh well, here’s a fancy ‘game over’ screen!

Hacked, Delays, etc.

October 15th, 2010 No comments

Well there’s two little things to write about recently so I decided to do that before I end up with a whole pile of stories within a single post.

Firstly, the site got hacked. I don’t know how, and why, but thankfully it’s back online due to some really great support from my hosting company. There isn’t really much to say about it, but if anyone reads this you’ll probably have noticed the big white page with some details for the past few days. Hopefully that won’t happen again!

Secondly, yeah I know I mentioned my iPhone app a while ago, it would have been “released very soon”, and it nearly did. The problem was, I submitted it as a universal app. This means that it is created to run natively on both the iPhone/iPod version of iOS and the iPad. This caused the game to crash on the iPad as I did not actually program a native interface for it. It’s now resubmitted with just the ‘iPhone/iPod Touch’ version, so hopefully finally no more delays!

I’ve removed Disqus since I’ve had a rather abnormal amount of spam accounts trying to register and post, regardless of Captcha settings, e-mail verification and so on, and the point of ‘quickly posting a comment’ was ruined with all these security settings so hopefully the normal WordPress comment system will do a fine job for now.

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Tick Tock, Apple…

October 8th, 2010 No comments

I know I’ve said about a week ago I would post an update, but Apple appears to be taking longer than usual at reviewing my app, and has been in review since my last post. I don’t know for sure how much longer it’ll be but it should definitely be quite soon.