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Rush hour, turrets and some more

December 31st, 2010 No comments

Work hasn’t stopped the last two days. I’ve incorporated a turret system for the boats so bullets have a place to come from, and are also completely functional complete with whizzing noises from bigger guns and the turret rotating properly. The only two features of the turret system I still have to finish are the destruction of them, which is pretty much done except for the boat’s collision system interfering at the moment and turrets ray-tracing for something in-between the player and them to leave those poor scenic rocks alone. The turret system is probably one of the main systems required for all the other ships so this gives everything else a big speed up too.

Action shot (lacking action)

Two more things I want to design into the boats is a collision prevention system so we don’t start having ships with road rage issues. I’m not sure how the original game handled it, although the original game didn’t exactly have hundreds of boats on-screen for testing purposes. The second thing was the destruction system where the player could sit back and enjoy a firework show of a boat slowly sinking to its doom as explosions and metal groaning noises followed. Right now boats simply explode once and sink.

Featuring non-existent collision avoidance system

Here in the background you can see some of the T.1 torpedo boats I’ve finished adding in minutes ago. When the scene is filled with boats I am still experiencing smooth gameplay, even on 1920×1200 resolutions and everything turned on, which is a good sign for things to come.

Just to conclude the post, I’ve also added the delicious cargo ships back in to help resupply ammo and a portion of the player’s health. The resupply plane is probably next.


Please keep in mind, the models and textures are work in progress.

Getting the hang of textures and models

December 30th, 2010 2 comments

I’m finally getting the hang of the models and their textures and have done somewhat of a reasonable job of recreating the M101 105mm Howitzer from the original game. Thankfully most (although not all) of the units sighted in the first game have had some sort of proper name so I was able to track down similar and sometimes the exact weapon to replicate.

Despite this, I’ve also recreated the cargo ship that’s usually sighted as a sign of hope for the player to replenish their ammo and some of their health, while ‘cargo ship’ didn’t give me much of an idea of the actual ship name, I was able to come up with something very similar anyway. No screenshots of it since I’m still bound to texture it sometime in the future.

Back to the howitzer, I was able to recreate some of the animation effects (without animations) and have gotten the gun to fire back along its base, as well as rotation while leaving the camera fixed when the howitzer is selected.

Boats, boats, boats..

December 28th, 2010 No comments

Not a boat

I’m still working on my little project, not surprising after only a day since I announced it. I’ve spend a few hours being stuck on texturising things and at the same time making some changes on the side. I managed to get the average FPS up from 60-100 to 300-400 on a HD5870, which I assume should translate to something playable on the average target audience’s system.

Besides that I’ve also reworked the level to pretty much perfectly match the original game, and have even added the original cheat codes plus an extra one as well as a start on the chat system. It’ll be interesting to experience creating a networking system for the first time, although the Unity engine seems to take care of a lot of the work.

What I want the boat to become (as a temporary placeholder)

What the boat likes to become. (The bat boat?)

As you can see my modeling (as well as most of my creative skill set) is, plain and simply, terrible. To my own surprise I’ve actually found Google Sketchup be to be easy, compared to what I can do in more professional or complex suites such as 3DS Max or Blender. It’s a bit ironic to be using the most simplest of them all but after browsing through the Sketchup Warehouse (Google’s version of amazing quality user-submitted models) I’m confident enough it’s useful.

Operation Blockade Remake

December 26th, 2010 1 comment

In 2002, a game titled ‘Operation Blockade’ was released. Personally I was very fond of this game despite it’s rather surprisingly bad ratings. Unfortunately this game was the last of it’s ‘Beachhead’-genre kind, and as well as my favourite of the group.

Operation Blockade (2002)

To solve this, I’ve begun to redevelop the game using the Unity engine. I’ve so far recreated a fairly accurate representation of the original island and the functionality of the first few levels, with planes and PT boats, both completely functional.

The game will re-use the original sounds, this time powered by a 3D sound system rather than what appeared to be mostly 2D, and modern graphics. This gives the game potential to be known again as well as the potential for mods, more weapons, enemies, missions, or any other content adjustable via some kind of addon system, while leaving the original experience deservingly intact.

Operation Blockade Remake

I’ve got to it’s current stage in just under a week which shows progress is happening quickly, although the later somewhat more complex features of the game are still to be programmed (land units, reinforcements, waves, upgraded weapons, etc.). The most worrying thing are probably land units which means that the vast majority of the remaining content should be finished quite quickly, IF I can find models for all the content (as I am a terrible 3D modeler myself).