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Hello World

February 18th, 2011 No comments

As somewhat noticeable by the lack of new posts, I am taking a little break until I get my courses sorted out. I’ve just had my first week and have got a rough idea of what’s happening. Although the ‘hello world’ C++ tutorial isn’t straining my whole week (trying not to imply obvious sarcasm here) there are some other study resources that do.

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Finally Fixed

February 14th, 2011 No comments

Fortunately I got Unity working again after a helpful reply from support. I’m now realizing my programming interest kind of stands out when I’m bored when not doing so.

Anyway, it’s been due for a while but I wanted to post my test animation. I found the soldier model online somewhere (it was a free model) and decided to use it as I had no idea how to animate. Thanks to a bit of Youtube scanning I figured it out and got a sequence of animations saved with the model.

M16s were all the rage back in WW2.. (test model, test model!)

Unfortunately I couldn’t actually relocate the model during its animation cycle, and was too tired to realize I was meant to move the model and not the biped (the animation skeleton for a human figure {I think}).

Something went wrong with the water and depth of field effect here.

And a few shots with Unity’s updated engine, since it’s been a while since I posted.

Backwards AA fire. Fixed it right after seeing this screenshot.

Development is likely to slow for a bit as I really want to figure out the schedule of my college which instead of starting today ends up being Wednesday or so. There were some nice images including an underwater effect that was unexpectedly added in with the new water although most of the cool features such as big waves and underwater aren’t really necessary in this game anyway.

A Little Longer..

February 14th, 2011 No comments

Unfortunately I still haven’t been able to load up my projects. I’m still waiting from a reply of a follow-up to support, if it’s roughly replied to in the same time frame as the first e-mail then I should be back with proper updates quite soon, although I’ve got no real ETA.

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Engine Update and Planning Ahead

February 12th, 2011 No comments

The Unity engine was updated somewhat earlier today to version 3.2, adding some nice improvements, particularly the water which should really show in some screenshots I should be able to post tomorrow or so. Unfortunately I’m having some issues getting it to work right now, which is part of the reason I didn’t post anything new today. Overall my spare time begins to significantly decrease to work on my projects, and becoming more of a side-project to my interactive entertainment degree study. I will however try to post a few screenshots tomorrow, including the somewhat experimental animation cycling system I’m using.

Right now I’ve had some ideas of another project that I’d like to get working on soon, as well as renewing my iPhone Developer License for it sometime soon. Although somewhat inspired by movies and older games, this time it will be using my own planned design, and will serve primarily as a giant tutorial to myself rather than an actual game, although by chance it may turn out into one, most likely quite simple however.

Although the idea behind vehicle combat isn’t new or unique, it is an interesting way of putting a lot of things to test. Although my best skill with the development of a game is programming, this is a huge category. Right now I am not particularly sure which category I’m most interested in or most acquainted with (although general feature implementation seems to be a good guess). I also don’t want to limit myself to one category, and realistically approach somewhat of a group that I believe I am able to cope with.

The project will most certainly help assist me in my tertiary study, and will give me somewhat of a planned ahead (yet fair) advantage of further experience.

Particular points of interest that I will be investigating in my design are:

  • Vehicle/Driving physics
  • Advanced physics (beyond your basic ‘collision’ – e.g. variable levels of impacts)
  • Procedural damage
  • Further look into more complex AI (simple waypoints won’t cut it in a game like this)
  • A point distribution system/customization (vehicles, weapon loadouts, etc.)

This should give me somewhat of a rough idea how your average driving game works, as well as some components you wouldn’t usually find in such games.

Right now I’m playing the guessing game with a series of game/graphics engines and have a few choices. I can stick with Unity, which is easy to use, a complete engine, allowing me to smooth into 3D games, although is somewhat restricted. There’s also Ogre, although I’ve ran some small-scale tests I’m yet to grasp it, although it’s very extensive and open-source, and there’s many others, although I really can’t afford spending thousands of dollars on your average AAA engine that I wouldn’t be able to completely efficiently use anyway. My bets are currently on Unity, at least until whatever is after this for more proper game development. Although the programming behind this will be much simpler, core principles still apply while leaving advanced mathematics that I am yet to grasp out of it for me to approach later on.

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February 11th, 2011 No comments

I just came back today from my orientation at QANTM, which is an institute that I’ve applied for to do a Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment with a major in Programming. I’ve been accepted and lessons start next Monday. I believe this is going to be great experience and allow me to learn a vast library of knowledge. QANTM is a college that actually provides university-level degrees in a faster timespan (2 years rather than 3). This is not due to any course trimming, it’s due to its Trimester system with very few holidays, giving the courses I undertake more relevance in the field, as it’s a rapidly changing industry.

It’s certainly been a while since I posted anything not to do with my game project but I figured this applied as decent content to post.

As for the game project, I’ll be continuing on it, although plans for distribution have been cancelled. At the same time, it’s providing me with a lot of knowledge on how game mechanics work in a 3D environment. Before the project I had no knowledge of 3D Modelling, and now I have learned my fair share of such activities. Animation, modelling, more programming, some maths (Quaternions and Euler angles, although I have barely covered them.) I’m bound to increase my knowledge over my bachelor course.

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