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About Me

December 6th, 2013

My name is Johan Rensenbrink – a 2012 IT graduate currently working on hobbyist projects, enjoying my spare time, and now working as a software developer at Zuuse.

I enjoy programming games and applications for the PC, as well as mobile platforms.

I am bilingual, speaking both Dutch and English after leaving my home country of the Netherlands in 2001 to immigrate to New Zealand, and two years later to Australia where I am now a citizen. I live in the sometimes hot, sometimes not city of Brisbane where I intend to professionally develop and maintain various software applications.

I update my blog with content that I categorize as interesting in my life and am detail my implementations of technical endeavours, usually with images to keep things interesting.

I am happy to discuss topics in my areas of knowledge and discuss my interests with anyone who wishes to do so and am sure I am able to discuss topics of relevance with you if you’ve read this far.

If you are interested in viewing my skills and experience then feel free to view my public resume.

Resume: Resume.doc

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