September 4th, 2013

My work consists of a wide variety of software applications, ranging from multi-platform industry-standard mobile puzzle games to proprietary binary packaging utilities. I have personally chosen some of my most unique work pieces and have placed a short summary about each one.


Operation Blockade

Based off an original game from 2002, Operation Blockade is a direct remake as well as my first serious project. Due to the lack of an official sequel, I set off to develop a copy of the game. The entire project’s purpose served to be more of a learning experience than serious development. Nevertheless, the project lasted several months and I had successfully integrated various assets, advanced visual effects, as well as complex AI (flying planes, etc.) along with most of the gameplay mechanics of the original title. The entire project was developed in Unity, serving as a starting block for my game development career.


DirectX 9 Engine Development

Following a steady and progressive course at QANTM as part of my Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment degree, I had developed a completely functional rendering engine using the raw basis of DirectX 9. I have demonstrated advanced rendering techniques using batched particle systems, randomly generated terrain, texture and stencil shadows as well as using more complex systems such as ‘Octrees’ to render parts of the scene in regions. In addition, a simple physics system was integrated without the use of external libraries allowing for easy navigation over the terrain.



During my course at QANTM I was contacted by a starting game development company that was interested in my abilities. I was offered an internship position to produce a mobile game that would become available on Android, iOS and Bada platforms. This was my first introduction to team based work and proper project management between designers, artists and other programmers. The game itself consists of a combination of word and arcade styles to create a very artistic world of blocks. The game was later released and earned recognizable ratings of 4 out of 5 stars.


Google Play


Froot ‘n’ Nutz

Shortly after my previous work with TAKS Software on Abrawordabra, we set out to develop a new title. This time I was responsible for all content programming as well as some design choices, scripting implementation for others to design with as well as managing the translation for a separate Chinese branch of the game with outsourced translation services.


Google Play (TBA)



Shuriken is a 3D, third person stealth game designed and developed by myself and five other QANTM students as part of our final academic project. Many challenging obstacles were encountered and tackled during this project. Powered by the Ogre rendering library, allowing myself and my partnering programmer to work in full control of the project. Some of the programming highlights of this project include writing complex lighting shaders, utilizing 3D AI pathfinding as well as agressive optimization to utilize over 1.5 million triangles in a scene for complex outdoor geometry.


Binpressor Package Utility

Nearing completion of my programming course, I’ve began developing my own projects, both to expand my current knowledge and for practical use. My first concept was to develop a proprietary binary packaging utility that would allow me to store my own assets without running the risk of users using my assets. While the format does not utilize encryption, it does stop a typical user from accessing protected content. In addition, I’ve implemented LZMA compression algorithms to allow the compressed files to take up as little disk space as possible, ideal for compact solutions. The program is capable of packaging files and folders into a single binary package, as well as reading these binary packages and re-exporting them back as individual files.

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