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Oh hey, another year!

December 31st, 2015 No comments

There’s a bit of a pattern here, I seem to be making yearly blog updates now. No promises but it’ll be nice to post some more updates once in a while. Well then, where do I begin? Well lets start with the car I featured in my last post. The MR2 was a great little car but I couldn’t help myself but keep on the look out for its more expensive counterpart, the Lotus Elise. This one was a series 2 2007 model and actually had the same engine as the MR2, which made it feel quite familiar to drive, except for the fact it was back to a regular clutch-pedal manual rather than the SMT system in the MR2.


Unfortunately I crashed it after 8 days. Turns out insurance is useful after all!¬†Fortunately, I still had my MR2 so I ended up driving that again after my short experience in the Lotus, somewhat of a let down. At least the MR2’s radio had Bluetooth connectivity, right?


Queue Lotus Elise #2, this time a 2010 (MY11) Series 3 model, with an exterior redesign and a smaller more modern 1ZR-FE engine, reducing the volume from 1.8L down to 1.6L. It still makes 100 kilowatts albeit with a little less torque, but with a weight of 852kg it powers the car just fine. Fortunately my driving skill seems to have improved since the first and still drive this car today. As for the MR2, it was sold to a new owner in good condition, so good for him.


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