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DNS Switcher

January 1st, 2014 No comments

I had a bit of play with streaming services today and was interested in getting Netflix working on a media server I’ve got set up. After some confusion, tinkering and satisfaction everything was eventually working. The only problem was that now Australian based streaming services were no longer available.

A workaround was to manually edit the DNS address on the device, but doing this with a TV remote isn’t the most sophisticated of methods. The next idea was to simply point the DNS address to the router and have that changed, much faster on a computer. There was still the repetition and problematic approach of having to log in and fetch one of the two DNS addresses aside from trying to memorise them.


The solution ended up being a little C# utility, which would log into the router automatically and perform the necessary changes using the built in features of the WebBrowser class using a very simple 2 button interface. All I got to do now is fire up the program, hit the show I want to watch and after the router resets I’m good to go!

It’s interesting to program something that not only works but actually solves a real-world practical problem to make life easier. Here’s hoping there’s more where that came from.

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Web Stuff and RTS Project Status

November 30th, 2013 No comments

Well, it’s been a week and I’m still working on a website, 1 to 2 hours a day with another few spent on researching the DirectX 11 API in depth as most of my rendering experience is behind with DirectX 9. Having read through large text resources, it’s given me some great insight on future systems I intend to write, which means I can start posting more work samples rather than theory and more importantly, content that is of more interest to the public.

In regards to the RTS project I have currently put it on hold due to the fact I’m working on the website, and my main interest has been focused on writing a complete game engine which will take a considerable amount of time as well the constant reminder to seek employment which is becoming tiresome. On top of all that I’ve had various issues with the pathfinding due to unexplained behaviour with Unity’s inbuilt navmesh agent after it is interrupted with my local A* solution for collision avoidance which isn’t something I can fix unless I opt to purchase an expensive third party navmesh plugin or spend a long time writing my own which is out of the scope of the project.

The main purpose of the RTS design was to see if I could replicate core functions from the genre – fog of war, an interactive interface, unit control, pathfinding, building placement and construction, individual AI (such as the harvester automatically collecting resources)  and some other tidbits. What I might do in the future is see if I can expand on it and polish it up, after all the last missing component is the actual combat.

With that said, I have not yet discussed my implementation of the Fog of War system, so this will be an update I will release in a short time that details how it works, with some screenshots to keep things interesting. The next image posted thereafter are most likely UML diagrams as I plan the architecture of my realtime rendering engine. However, expect interesting image results too as I’ll be experimenting with the latest shader model languages!

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Web Development

November 21st, 2013 No comments

It’s been a little while since the last update, mainly for two separate reasons. The first being I have had second degree burns on my shoulder for a week which wasn’t helping motivation to code let alone use a computer or do anything else, and while I didn’t do nothing I chose to take a bit of time off from any side hobbies until I could get to a point they’d be fun to code again.

The second part goes for a website I’ve been creating for someone that’s essentially going to be used for a small community group, and since this is a bit more than a hobby project I’ve been prioritizing it’s completion has a somewhat larger meaning. The thing is I’ve never actually dealt much with web development. I have a blog which I occasionally tinker with, and I have had some work done with SQL databases for non-web based applications. The nice thing the deadline is very relaxed; essentially ‘get it done before the end of the year or something’ so it’s given me ample time to explore some features. I’ve been using jQuery, the Facebook API, the Google Maps v3 API, more PHP and a fair bit of CSS.

I’m quite content with the progress I’m making, having developed a user system that synchronizes loosely with the Facebook API (only for notifications, which work nicely) as well as varying levels of access, and of course, secure, salted and encrypted passwords. There’s a bit more to go – I’d estimate I’m just over the halfway point now with a fair bit of that second-half simply being polishing things up, and I might post a link up once I’ve finished it. I’ll post a bit more later on how I’m dividing up my workload so if anyone follows the posts then you’d have a better understanding of when to expect things.

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