date_range 15/01/2011 14:02

There’s the He111 hard at work at being a nuisance to the player. Now that the light bomber is done, I’ve now got a fair number of vehicles done and I realized that with the current units that I have I am able to complete an entire 18 missions with the units I have so far. The next unit planned is the U-boat. The downside is, the planes and boats yet to be done are bound to be more complicated, but at this rate I’m still making good progress. From memory, I believe there’s about 4 or 5 planes left and 4...


date_range 14/01/2011 12:52

It is an absolutely terrifying view when this huge ship fires 7 double-barreled cannons right at the player, although it’s also very rewarding to sink it. It took me a while to get it working as I had to give every single turret unique settings, and I even managed to give it some logic as to not point the other side’s turrets through itself. Just because I love these sunrays so much:

Floods, Power, More Work

date_range 14/01/2011 10:52

So the last few days I was without power, and the reason for that is the power lines were more or less underwater. The local shopping center – the only source for food, was also underwater. Fortunately the water level has dropped enough for the roads to be open again, and power is restored as well. I might post some pictures later, but first thing’s first. Before the chaos, I did get some work done on my little game project, and was planning on posting this actually the next morning, which didn’t exactly work out with the loss of power and everything....


date_range 12/01/2011 22:27

Right now I’m without power for an unknown duration of time, which is likely to last for atleast 3 or 4 days. This is due to the heavy flooding here in Brisbane; I’m fairly lucky myself as I still have access to batteries and Internet with no flood damage. No development updates for a bit, sorry!

While I’m at it, BF109G

date_range 11/01/2011 17:54

Slightly set-up scene of BF109G following its predecessor (Is it me or do those little patrol boats always end up in my pictures?)

BF109, Finally

date_range 11/01/2011 13:06

BF109, complete with backwards facing bullets and black propellor head. It has been a while since I’ve added in a new unit, and it’s about time I finished the BF109 which I’ve mentioned a couple of times now. It isn’t anything special, and is really just a faster plane compared to the old Ar68 (in very technical terms at least). Although one of the reasons for the delay is due to me working on fixing up a lot of the other existing planes and boats (improving textures, reworking gun fire, adjusting models, etc.) this hasn’t been the only reason. What...

Texturing the Easy Way

date_range 11/01/2011 00:49

Left - Revised Stuka, Right - Old Stuka I was unable to get a good looking texture attached to the Stuka, and the camouflage pattern doesn’t look particulary fancy either. So what I did, was apply a scratched metal texture as an overlay and I immediately ended up with a nicer looking worn out plane!

Muzzle Flashes

date_range 10/01/2011 21:10

All guns now have their own associated little muzzle flash. This may not be entirely realistic for some units, but it forms a nice ‘heat glow’ in the distance, so that larger non-muzzle-flash-emitting weapons such as these still look fairly realistic. It’ll be interesting to see what it looks like when I swap the daylight around for some night effects. Although I haven’t done particularly much today except add on to some visuals to the current in-game vehicles, it does bring it a bit closer to a ‘finishing’ look. Planes make sense, boats make sense, etc. I am pretty close...


date_range 10/01/2011 17:29

I figured I would be getting things done quicker if I finished up everything I had done now rather than making new stuff and haven’t to apply changes to them later. So I decided to get propellors working, as previously they weren’t really doing much on planes. It’s difficult to show in a picture, but I think you get the idea. This currently applies to the Stuka as well and the half-added BF109 (those faster yellow planes from the original game). Next up is probably some muzzle flashes and light coming from the guns. I can guess now that the...

Z.31 Class Destroyer

date_range 09/01/2011 21:23

Another unit done! This time it’s the Z.31 Class Destroyer. A lot of the boats and planes aren’t exact replicas of the original models as I’m having a hard time finding the exact same 3D model resources, blueprints, etc. but I’m at least giving them the same properties. They require the same amount of hits, they have the same amount of guns and they serve the same purpose. Here is the Z.31 Class Destroyer after I plucked off its four guns one by one with the Howitzer, and then finished it off with three consecutive shots. Each fire trail is...