Flexible XML Powered Space Shooter?

date_range 11/02/2012 00:41

With my second year of Uni starting next Monday and having done mostly contract work I haven’t exactly been able to do everything I wanted to do in terms of programming. I was somewhat considering writing my own DirectX 11 rendering engine, although at this point I’d rather wait and see what my final project ends up being – it helps to know if it’s even going to be 3D or not. With that said, with the exciting addition of networking, AI, Ogre 3D, new media business compliance and managing new media projects comes the first proper time when, as...

Further Programming, Holidays, Etc.

date_range 23/12/2011 22:45

Since my blog isn’t looking so intense and action packed this month I guess it’s time for another post! I was actually quite tempted to write a nice article about my particle rendering engine that ran using a very, very flexible data driven plugin system (aka support for scripting/modding). Unfortunately, all three sources of back-ups are gone from my project files. First I whiped an entire 2 terrabyte hard drive, which was basically the main location of my most recent files, then a solid state drive failed which, as it was in a RAID volume at the time could not...

Octree Terrain Engine

date_range 22/11/2011 18:38

As it’s yet again been some time since I’ve last posted anything, I’ve decided to post some info on my Octree terrain engine that I’m submitting sometime later this week as an assessment piece. Below I’ve copied and pasted directly from a document that I’m submitting as part of a detailed analysis of my development cycle. I’ll see if I can upload a demonstration executable along with its source code later when I revise the code a bit more, as right now it’s a bit of a mess with comment blocks everywhere. GAM204 Octree Technical Analysis By Johan Rensenbrink As...

DirectX Demo Upload

date_range 29/10/2011 21:06

Although it’s somewhat delayed, I’ve got the excuse of my solid state drive’s life coming to an end, etc. etc. Source is included in the ZIP. Download

DirectX Graphical and Math Demos

date_range 25/10/2011 16:44

The above screenshot actually marks the final part of the math demonstration, with the rendering already done. Again this is just demonstrating the basic abilities of DirectX 9, but regardless this was quite a fun little project. I’m not entirely done yet, with one more feature left and one more attempt at stressfully trying to fix my blending mode demonstration (since I’m having some issues setting blending operations correctly in regards to simple additive and subtractive modes). Once I do, however, which will be tomorrow sometime since I’m taking a little break, I’ll upload it here if you desperately want...

DirectX Stencil Shadows, Filtering & Scene Switching

date_range 23/10/2011 03:00

Stencils appear to be quite a tricky thing to get working well in DirectX. They’re extremely handy, but they’re not one of the easiest things. Fortunately I was able to implement a pre-existing shadow example that showed a teapot shadowed on a white plane and implemented it into my own engine. You can immediately see the FPS isn’t at a very pretty value. This is for good reason however. I may not be using any optimization techniques such as portals yet, but my code is structured quite well. It just so happens that the model that is being shown has...

Primary Domain Transfer

date_range 20/10/2011 22:51

The primary domain which is currently set as will be transferred over to in roughly two weeks, just be aware some downtime is expected and the website will no longer be accessible from so if for some bizarre reason you do visit my website, please use the .com extension, thanks.

Texturing, Matrices and Quaternions

date_range 17/10/2011 21:20

With a graphics and math demonstration due sometime next week I’ve made a fairly quick start on a few new additions from last week’s simple terrain demonstration. Now having a basic idea of how vertices are laid out I’ve gone ahead and added textures as well as lighting to the DirectX demo as well as a custom made math library without the use of DirectX’s own math functions. Right now vectors and matrices are completely functional and can be manipulated in a numerous ways. Dot products, inverse (the picture above shows an inverse matrix), transpose, cross products, addition, subtraction and a few...

DirectX Terrain Generation

date_range 05/10/2011 22:38

Since a new post has been way overdue I’ve decided to post the first relatively interesting thing I could come up with. At the moment I’m learning a great deal regarding 3D rendering as well as some of the complex mathematics involved, such as four-dimensional matrix operations and quaternions, both of which are obviously very common in 3D development. Up until now, I’ve had the luxury of relying on game engines to do most of the complex work for me so this is quite new to me, and mind you, it won’t be particularly graphically interesting but it’s worth a...


date_range 14/08/2011 16:24

So after approximately 3 weeks I finished Pac-Man with a fairly relaxed programming schedule. It comes with its fair share of bugs but overall it works well. It doesn’t include features such as fruit and other little features but the core components work. You can eat dots, you can be eaten, you can eat ghosts, ghosts chase you etc. There’s even a nice little easy way to add new levels although you’re likely to break it if it isn’t done right. If you decide to get adventurous and modify or add new levels using the format shown in the example...