Fighter planes, Less Banking

date_range 08/02/2011 13:59

The worthy screenshot where the P-38 gets its very first kill. Yep, the hardest support aircraft of them all, the fighter planes are somewhat working. As pictured above, the P-38 kills a BF109G. There is absolutely no posing or aid involved here besides creeping up close in a custom pause mode to take this screenshot. It’s actually quite interesting to program proper artificial intelligence into one of these planes to take down something else for me, where my own AI is actually making life easier for me. Right now the fighter planes target a couple of meters in front of...

Plane Banking and Torpedoes

date_range 07/02/2011 22:26

I made an attempt to do quite a bit of work today which unfortunately didn’t entirely end up working as planned, although I did get quite a bit done anyway. After some rather strenuous work figuring out at least partially how to get Quaternions and Euler angles working only to end up not using either mathematical functions to make planes turn more realistically I got it working to some extent. Although there is still the issue of planes occasionally crashing into the rocks, island or doing its own stunts, they turn. The method I’ve used isn’t exactly the right way,...

Bombers Done, Support Aircraft 25% Total?

date_range 06/02/2011 17:53

I managed to go crazy and finish all the required models for the support aircraft yesterday, with some needing a bit more work, but this saves me a lot of work later on. There are four development stages that I am focusing on with these aircraft. Bombers Torpedo Bombers Fighter Planes Enemy Retaliation Why there was a huge explosion in the background is beyond me, but it looks nice anyway. The bombers are done, so that’s good news. It was fairly easy to program, simply using the enemy bombers and giving them some different values and different bombs. Ground units...

Support Aircraft and Mysterious Missing Boat

date_range 05/02/2011 16:28

Alright, so I want to make progress, and will put some effort into getting the last few things done. I’ve now done 2 out of the 5 things I’ve put in a list before, although there’s two extra things bugging me. Let me just revise that list: Scoring Death Support Aircraft Upgraded weapons Plane banking Howitzer bug Map(?) The support aircraft are my next priority, and they are the following aircraft that I managed to find in the original game’s folder: Avenger (torpedo bomber) B-17 (bomber) B-29 (bomber) Dauntless (torpedo bomber) P-38 (air support) P-40 (air support) P-51 (air support)...

Back to Basics

date_range 04/02/2011 19:46

Three bombers with slightly souped up bombs are finally let free after promising not to shoot them down. Although I can imagine most games are developed with their simple features done first, namely score and the ability to lose, I seem to have veered way off course and ended up doing everything else before the very basics that make the game (or most games anyway). So I let loose a couple of He111 bombers with slightly-more-nuclear-than-the-usual-0% bombs and surprise, surprise, I died. It’s extremely simple in this particular game as the only thing that really happens is a dramatic tear-inducing...

Processing All Ships

date_range 03/02/2011 14:55

Since I lined up the boats for editing, I figured I might as well take a screenshot of all the units in one image, excluding tanks/soldiers. The black dots are waypoints that happened to be in the scene. Although there isn’t a great number of ships in the game, each ship does have on average about 16 guns or so, so although adding additional lighting as well as the sinking effect I added to the Hipper not long ago isn’t that significant, it did take a while to apply to all the other ships. Progress is still going nicely, and...

Ship Sinking Effects

date_range 02/02/2011 15:19

Destroyed cannon fire as well as explosions still need some lighting added. After the Hipper in the above screenshot happily volunteered to be blown to bits after it was helplessly dragged from my impressive selection of ships to choose from into the water, I started working on the state of ships as they were sinking. They sink and all, but in the original game there was often an audible orchestra of explosions and groans here and there as you created somewhat of a ‘Pearl Harbor ‘effect around you. This appears to be working very well, with the occasional random explosion occurring around the ship...

Time of Day

date_range 01/02/2011 18:59

If you’ve long been bored from my posts about menus then this should be a bit more interesting for you. I managed to get a random process of determining 3 levels of lighting. Day, sunrise and night. I still think my night scenes need a bit more ‘oomph’ as they, but it’s a good start. I’ve worked on the halo effect so it looks half decent when a cannon fires at the player while not looking any worse during daytime lighting. Big cannon firing the wrong way for some reason. Firing some cannons at once.

Menu Functionality (Not Menus!)

date_range 01/02/2011 18:02

Like I said, I’m done with the menus, they work, and there’s nothing more to do about them. Well, the menus work, they assign, for example whether or not to display crosshairs on the screen during the game. What I had not done yet however was the functionality in the actual game that checked for these features. After quite a long time of having to go through each unit and making their sound levels dependent to the volume levels that player set, and the other options which were much quicker to implement, I can say that these features are now done too....

More menu work, this time really done

date_range 31/01/2011 19:03

Yeah, I kinda mentioned I finished work on the menus last time but I wasn’t completely satisfied with the graphics options. Now however, they are as customizable as possible, so if you don’t like the noise, depth of field or sun shafts, you can turn them off individually instead of all at once. As for more common settings you find in most other games such as ‘vsync’ and anisotropic filtering will have to be ignored as unfortunately Unity doesn’t (currently?) support adjusting these features without changing entire quality profiles, where I only have a few of. There’s still an issue where texture...